The overall objective is to participate in raising the next generation by empowering the young people with life skills, knowledge, motivation, guidance, role modelling and practical assistance. We also compact social evils of the community associated with the youth for example drug addiction and alcoholism, violence and crime, and the spread of HIV and AIDS that may destroy the next generation.


Empowering the youth for life and success in spiritual, social, physical and moral integrity.

Core Activities

Spiritual skills: how to pray, study bible, how to grow spiritually.

Future Dream

To establish safe recreational centers for the youth in the rural and low income areas. We are dreaming of sporting facilities, camp centers and film/video centers


Our main objective is to ensure that we impact our generation through providing forums for the youth to share their experiences so as to develop one another. As the saying goes, “iron sharpens iron.”

We have been holding annual retreats for the youth which have been a tremendous success. We have experienced tremendous growth to an average of over 600 youths attending the retreats. From their testimonies we can confirm that transformation is taking place.

We have had great partnerships with corporate organization like Wakenya Pamoja  among others that have been very instrumental in building financial capacities of the delegates in attendance.

From the testimonies of the attendees of the Hope Beyond events they were really impacted and their lives changed tremendously.

Specific Objectives

Specific objectives are to promote good values through mentorship program, inculcate entrepreneurial skill in the youth to make them self reliant, initiate the youth to be engaged in innovative sporting activities which don’t require much space.